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Wheater you just love to look at stunning cars, enjoy the sound of real engines, looking for a place where you can post your car spots or just wondering how cool your ride is…

There is finally an app for car lovers, fans & spotters. 

Find and spot as many beautiful cars as possible and build your own car collection. Join a community or find a club. Do you want to see how often your car is spotted? Add your car to the garage and find out how many times people spotted your ride.

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If you are a real car lover, you know it. A cool ride is something special. Or do you take the most beautiful photos and spot the most amazing cars all over te world? Are you just crazy about cars and want to discover the most exclusive ones? Inspire others and take and post the most beautiful photos and videos.  This app is especially for people with the same hobby and interest, namely cars! Or how we call it RIDEZ!.

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your ride is.

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Business owners


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Especially for companies in the automotive industry and everything that has to do with it! Are you looking for a new opportunity to reach your target audience? Ridez is the solution. Through innovation we can better reach your target group so that you can quickly create new opportunities.