About us

About the company

Why ridez?

Connect with others

There was no place especially for car spotters, carlovers and fans where they can share their passion with each other.

We are carlovers ourselves

Speed, shapes, colours and burn rubber thats what we love! we want to gain and share inspiration in the field of our passion RIDEZ!

Social media especially for cars

Nobody wants to have their spots of collections between their vacation photos. there are so many people who just love cars this deserves its own place.


spotting cars is becoming more and more popular so it was time to make a cool place for this. Were you can find new places to spot cars en connect to other spotters.

Car clubs

We will also develop functions for car clubs in the near future so that we can connect more people with each other

who likes your car?

All those spotters, but how often are you actually spotted? In the app you can see who has spotted you and see all the photos of your car.

show your ridez to the world

Connecting other car fans and owners

A place where you can find people with the same hobby or passion, namely Ridez!

find new places to spot the most beautiful and unique cars and learn from each other. Which camera do you use? How do you edit and what do you pay attention to?

or are you just looking for a new car and would you like to see which color, rims or model you like best? You can because we have the most unique cars out there!